Policy Goals


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Policy Goals


  • HIPAtlanta supports the integration of HIV prevention, care, and treatment into health care in partnership with local community-based agencies. HIPAtlanta supports policies that align HIV/AIDS prevention and care in the context of prevention and management of other chronic diseases and comorbidities of HIV in community service agencies.
  • HIPAtlanta supports the full implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) at the national and state levels so that all people with living with HIV/AIDS have access to and are retained in HIV treatment and care. We also call for the State of Georgia to accept the ACA’s Medicaid Expansion provision and advocate the State of Georgia and the federal government to ensure that all health insurance marketplaces offer health insurance plans that offer benefits and coverage that meet the medical needs of people living with HIV/AIDS and gender identity challenges and are in compliance with the ACA.
  • HIPAtlanta supports building on ACA implementation to develop an effective health care delivery systems that include payer reform and prevention services reimbursement.
  • HIPAtlanta supports public policies and programs to implement an effective scaling up of HIV, STD testing and linkage to care, including availability of routine HIV and STD testing in clinical, institutional, drug treatment, and community settings.
  • Furthermore, we call for policies and programs to expand and train persons living with HIV/AIDS as key strengthening tools for community-driven services.
  • HIPAtlanta advocates policies and programs that focus on Hepatitis C and that reflect the comorbidity with HIV. We support passage of comprehensive immigration reform that includes provisions that address the health needs of immigrants and equal treatment for the immigrant partners of U.S. citizens.

We will continue to support robust implementation of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy with a strong focus on coordination among federal agencies, expansion of the twelve cities initiative, and improved coordination in low-prevalence areas.


  • HIPAtlanta supports policies that promote inclusion of LBGT/SGL Communities of Color that reflect and respect the racial, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity LBGT/SGL community.HIPAtlanta support policies and laws that serve to not stigmatize or discriminate against the LBGT/SGL community.



  • HIPAtlanta supports an effective Ryan White Act, working to ensure that the program continues as a vital safety net for people living with HIV amidst a changing healthcare landscape.
  • HIPAtlanta supports a comprehensive re-authorization of the Ryan White Program.
  • We do not advocate a period without re-authorizing the program in order to monitor how it adapts within the new health care systems evolving both in states that are expanding Medicaid and in states that are not currently doing so.
  • We do support pilot demonstration projects operating as HIV/AIDS marketplace centers best community practices.
  • HIPAtlanta support strengthening the Ryan White Program to ensure the continuance and uptake of HIV treatment and care services as full implementation of health care reform proceeds under the Affordable Care Act.



  • HIPAtlanta supports the efforts to ensure the annual federal, state and local budget and appropriations process results in funding levels that allow the government funding sources to take advantage of scientific advances to end the HIV epidemic.
  • We support funding that is responsive to the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS), to health care reform, and to the needs of vulnerable populations.
  • HIPAtlanta supports strong funding for domestic HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and research, nutrition programs, housing programs, and workforce education and development.
  • HIPAtlanta oppose severe funding cuts to other federal domestic programs that serve low-income people and vulnerable populations.

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