Outreach Management System (OMS)


Outreach programs managed by inner- city and rural areas Community-based Organizations, local, state health departments and federal funding agencies.


Approach based on CDC Evidence-based Condom Distritubion

Public Health Strategy.

An outreach management platform providing consumer outreach encounter management, texting management system and social media management system.



  1. Digital Literacy for Non-profit agency
  2. Mobile Devices Point of Care vs HIPAA
  3. Private/Public Partnerships
  4. Linkage to Medical Care and Direct Services
  5. Microsoft Product Integration.
  6. Majority non-profit do not employ a IT specialist and/or manager.



  • Outreach Management Platform
  • Social Media Management Platform
  • Texting Mgmt. Platform
  • New inner city job opportunities for Degreed, GED/HSD, Youth, Veterans, Second Chance
  • Model Replication
  • Bridge service access gaps
  • Data Analysis
  • Initial Primary Goals




THE TRADITIONAL WIN-WIN PHILOSOHY is a frame of mind and heart that constantly seeks mutual benefit in all human interactions.Win-win sees life as a cooperative, not a competitive arena.


We incorporated a third “win” known as the Win-Win-Win approach to measure all parties involved Community Members, Community Agencies and Community Funders. Wins can be measured on all levels.


HIPAtlanta Workforce Development


Initial Target: Returning Citizens (formerly incarcerated), Persons with Disabilities Returning to Work, Unemployed and Chronically Unemployed


Approach: Right Now Jobs training, certification and placement. Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation targeting Formerly Incarcerated, SSA Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program targeting Persons with Disabilities and Atlanta Regional Commission targeting unemployed and/or chronically unemployed, Veterans, Homeless, Youth and Seniors in the City of Atlanta six neighboring counties (Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, Henry, Gwinnett)



(1) Training Schedule Gaps

(2) Trainer Turnover

(3) Facilitation cost

(4) Accessible sites

(5) Limited or no Online access

(6) Cultural Sensitivity

(7) Criminal History


(1)Enhance local training opportunities

(2) Coordinate consistent trainings

(3) Recruit local CBO POL’s to become trainers

(4) New inner city job placement opportunities for GED/HSD, Youth, Veterans, Returning Citizens, Persons with Disabilities

(5) Model Replication

(6) Bridge service access gaps

(7)Data Analysis



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